Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Natural History Museum

Cosmo riveted by dinosaurs
You'll have to bear with me on this one, but one of the many great things about The Natural History Museum is (are? who'd guess I have a PhD in English Literature...) the ceilings. No, really. While everyone else is looking at the dinosaurs, I'm looking up. And so's Cosmo for that matter - not that he has any choice in the matter. For their first six months, babies rarely get to see anything engaging because they have to lie-flat. Thus, I'm thinking the Natural History Museum with its lovely patterned ceilings must be a treat for Cosmo. Certainly he was memorized for hours - okay, minutes - but he found them more interesting than the dinosaurs anyway (see photo...)

The Natural History Museum is another fabulous and free museum, once again offering a great day out for the new mother who's sick and tired of the four walls at home. There are plenty of benches on which to perch to feed your baby or a great cafe by Benugo (is there any London museum without a Benugo...?). The picnic area in the basement is also a popular area for mothers to have a quick sit down and a feed, although when I went it was difficult to find a quiet spot amongst the 30,000 kids on school trips.

If you fancy solitude, there's a semi-private nursing room just off the main hall with comfy chairs and footstools. It's a great facility (much better than the neighbouring Science Museum) but could easily be made more cosy with a lick of paint. At the moment, the decor is a cross between a prison visitor's waiting room and my first room in a student halls of residence. Why someone hasn't at least stuck up a poster of a dinosaur, I don't know. Maybe I'll try a little guerrilla decorating myself next time...

Cosmo looking rightly subdued
Would a lick of paint hurt?

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  1. Wahnsinnig schöne Farben und eine Landschaft zum Verlieben. Erinnert mich an ein Gemälde, ich glaub es heisst „Rainy Landscape“ von dem russischen Maler Kandansky, welches ich auf gesehen habe. Dort können Sie sich Gemälde drucken lassen oder auch handmalen lassen. Wirklich ein grossartiger Platz wo Sie die gleiche Art von Ihrem Gemälde finden können.