Sunday, 24 February 2013


One bedraggled new mother in my NCT class said without Ocado she would have killed herself. She said it with a perfectly straight face. The thing is although it might seem an inconsequential part of everyday life, navigating the narrow aisles of a supermarket can be a very real ordeal for an incompetent mother. Indeed, I found it a nightmare before I was a mother. All those pushy, rude, sweaty people. And that's just the staff.

But with baby and pram in tow, supermarket shopping takes on a whole new level of hideousness. All those ankles to run into. Where to put the shopping? How to quell the crying baby? What to do when 'baby brain' robs you of remembering your pin number? Where's Dale Winton when you need him?

The answer: Ocado. Pure and simple. Home delivery groceries service, brought right into your kitchen. Furthermore, they stock a whole range of essentials for the new mother like nappies, nipple creams, breast pads etc. I don't know that I would have killed myself without it, but it has made my life as a new mother an awful lot easier.

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